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Our days, tankers are used for heavy transportation and have an important place. Examples include transporting, distributing water, cleaning roads and tunnels with pressurized water, or using it for fire fighting purposes. Water tankers are equipped with various equipment and produced in different volumes and features in accordance with the capacity and purpose of the carrier vehicle. Water tanker manufacturing should be carried out carefully, in accordance with standards and attentive.

Features of Our Water Tankers:

  • Made of AISI 304 L 316 L stainless material
  • Single compartment cylindrical or elliptical tank (clean water tank)
  • Two-stage centrifugal water pump (1500 lt./min. @ 8-10 bar)
  • Split Shaft PTO driven water pump
  • Electric or manual driven water hose reel
  • Front, rear and side pressure water outlets
  • Hill-mounted water monitor (360° rotating water monitor that can throw water 30-40 m away from the 2900 rpm 10 Horse pressure water pump on the tank)
Water Tanker
Water Tanker
Water Tanker
Water Tanker

Water Tanker Assortment


Water Tanker Attributes

What is a Water Tanker? What Does It Do?111

We produce our tanks with a capacity from 4,000lt to 24,000lt from S235JR or ST-52 sheet steel or 304L/316L 2D stainless steel according to demand. Depending on the needs of our customers, the shells are rounded with a modified ellipse or radius modified trapezoid, ensuring the desired volume distribution and/or rearview visibility. All shell seams are 100% welded on both sides.

Water Tanker Usage Areas

Water tanker; it is used for transporting, distributing water, cleaning roads and tunnels with pressurized water or fighting fire. It can be produced in different capacities.

What is a Water Tanker? What Does It Do?

Stainless Water Tanker111

If you need tankers for sale or for rent, our highly qualified, durable and long-lasting stainless water tankers are the most reliable option for you. Water tankers vary in purchase or leasing preferences according to usage area and filling capacity.

Suitable areas for rent between 5,000 tons and 22,000 tons;

  • In the process of drinking water distribution,
  • In industrial areas,
  • In road washing processes,
  • In tunnel washing processes,
  • Dust suppression and cleaning.
Stainless Water Tanker

Water Tanker Prices111

The water tanker is produced at the required capacities. As Teknik Tanker, we have different productions such as 3-ton water tankers and 5-ton water tankers. The following equipment can be used as an example in water tankers;

  • Single-stage and two-stage fire fighting truck water pump,
  • Multipurpose firefighting water pump,
  • Automatic suction water pump with vacuum unit.

You can contact us for your requests regarding the production of water tankers and the supply of their equipment.

Water Tanker Prices

Water Tanker Assurance111

Finding quality and reliable water tankers may seem difficult today. At this point, we manufacture high quality, long-lasting and durable water tankers for you with Teknik Tanker assurance.

If you are undecided about the choice of water tanker and are looking for a suitable water tanker, just contact us at our contact addresses on our site.

Water Tanker Assurance
Water Tanker

Types of customer-oriented tankers.

Water Tanker
Water Tanker
Water Tanker

Maximum Quality and High Customer Satisfaction in Production

As Teknik Tanker, we produce water tankers for the transportation and distribution of water, water tanker trucks used for road and tunnel cleaning with pressurized water, fuel tankers used for the transportation of oil and derivatives, food tankers for the healthy and safe transportation of solid and liquid food, channel opening tankers for use in combined channeling processes, vacum trucks used in cleaning septic tanks and muddy liquids.

Our company; in addition to tanker manufacturing, it also manufactures and sells on-vehicle equipment needed by all public and private sector organizations.

We provide instant spare parts supply with our after-sales quality service and maintenance services and quickly produce solutions to our customer's requirements. In addition to routine maintenance and repair service, we provide "on-site service" with our experienced and trained expert plantation and produce mobile solutions to your problems.

The services we provide are guaranteed by our company. As Teknik Tanker, we are with you 24/7.

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