Vacuum Truck

Vacuum truck; it is a type of tool used for collecting and transporting septic tanks and muddy liquids by absorbing them. vacum trucks consist of many different equipment. Among them; there is a suction pipe, a centrifugal pump that provides absorption, and tanks used to store waste.

With the vacuum truck pump, dirty water or waste accumulated in wells, sewers and waste pits is cleaned. Especially in cases of flooding or sewage overflow in sewers, vacuum truck tools are needed.

Vacuum trucks were initially a preferred tool for cleaning mud and waste in mines. Nowadays, its usage areas have become an important tool. It is used not only for cleaning sewers, but also for cleaning the garbage of areas such as cafes, restaurants and hotels, for the extraction of unwanted puddles formed on construction foundations.

Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck

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Vacuum Truck Attributes

Easy Work Solution with Vacum Truck Use111

With the vacum trucks, the problems of large companies have been facilitated. Vacum trucks help in areas where manpower is not enough. Hoses on the vehicle drain water or unwanted waste in a short time.

With the vacum trucks, all unwanted waste is cleaned at high pressure and poured into the places permitted by the municipalities.

Easy Work Solution with Vacum Truck Use

Types and Prices of Vacum Trucks111

Types of vacum trucks can be considered in 3 headings;

  • Standard vacum trucks,
  • Telescopic suction boom vacum trucks,
  • Cassette boom vacum trucks.

Vacum trucks made of stainless material with Teknik Tanker assurance provide long-term use. We can produce using personalized equipment according to your needs. We also provide rental services as needed. You can contact us for detailed price information.

Types and Prices of Vacum Trucks

Vacum Truck Application Areas111

In addition to cleaning sewers, vacum trucks can also be used in various areas such as restaurants, hotels, constructions and workplaces.

You can complete your operations quickly, easily and cleanly with our manufacturing, which is a work of superior quality and engineering. If you need any later on about vacum trucks, you can contact us for other services.

Vacum Truck Application Areas
Vacuum Truck

Types of customer-oriented tankers.

Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck
Vacuum Truck

Maximum Quality and High Customer Satisfaction in Production

As Teknik Tanker, we produce water tankers for the transportation and distribution of water, water tanker trucks used for road and tunnel cleaning with pressurized water, fuel tankers used for the transportation of oil and derivatives, food tankers for the healthy and safe transportation of solid and liquid food, channel opening tankers for use in combined channeling processes, vacum trucks used in cleaning septic tanks and muddy liquids.

Our company; in addition to tanker manufacturing, it also manufactures and sells on-vehicle equipment needed by all public and private sector organizations.

We provide instant spare parts supply with our after-sales quality service and maintenance services and quickly produce solutions to our customer's requirements. In addition to routine maintenance and repair service, we provide "on-site service" with our experienced and trained expert plantation and produce mobile solutions to your problems.

The services we provide are guaranteed by our company. As Teknik Tanker, we are with you 24/7.

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