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They are tools used in the transportation of high-risk substances such as oil and derivatives, which should be perfect at the point of quality. We aim to produce fuel tanker production by minimizing the risk. The Fuel Tanker is capable of carrying both diesel and gasoline.

Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker

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What to Find in Fuel Tankers111

The most important feature that fuel tankers should have is fire extinguishers and cabinets in order to counter possible dangers. In addition, symbols, taillights, reflectors and flags should be installed on fuel tanks indicating that they contain dangerous substances. When the tank is full, it is obligatory to have valves in the lower section in such a way that it does not take air. The tank must have sealing properties. Finally, there should be a retractable staircase on it.

Teknik Tanker Assurance
Quality fuel tankers produced by Teknik Tanker provide all these requirements in the best way. As Teknik tanker, we produce fuel tankers approved by the Ministry of Industry.

What to Find in Fuel Tankers

Fuel Tanker Rental and Price Range111

The fuel tanker is designed in 2 ways, one feature or two. The single-feature diesel tanker carries only gasoline or diesel, while the dual-feature fuel tanker can carry both gasoline and diesel at the same time.

Some technical features such as having a resetable meter and being able to replenish fuel affect the price of fuel tankers. We can create an accurate and ethical price for the gasoline and/or diesel tanker that suits you as needed.

You can check our page and contact us for the most affordable prices.

Fuel Tanker Rental and Price Range

Functionality of Diesel Tanker111

Diesel tankers, another name for fuel tankers, ensure the transportation of all possible types of fuel. The fuel tanker can carry gasoline and diesel simultaneously.

Fuel tankers are designed to refuel with different pumps. This adds functionality to fuel tankers.

The quality fuel tankers we produce as Teknik Tankers are certified tankers approved by the Ministry of Industry that provide all these requirements in the best way.

Functionality of Diesel Tanker
Fuel Tanker

Types of customer-oriented tankers.

Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker
Fuel Tanker

Maximum Quality and High Customer Satisfaction in Production

As Teknik Tanker, we produce water tankers for the transportation and distribution of water, water tanker trucks used for road and tunnel cleaning with pressurized water, fuel tankers used for the transportation of oil and derivatives, food tankers for the healthy and safe transportation of solid and liquid food, channel opening tankers for use in combined channeling processes, vacum trucks used in cleaning septic tanks and muddy liquids.

Our company; in addition to tanker manufacturing, it also manufactures and sells on-vehicle equipment needed by all public and private sector organizations.

We provide instant spare parts supply with our after-sales quality service and maintenance services and quickly produce solutions to our customer's requirements. In addition to routine maintenance and repair service, we provide "on-site service" with our experienced and trained expert plantation and produce mobile solutions to your problems.

The services we provide are guaranteed by our company. As Teknik Tanker, we are with you 24/7.

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