On-Car Food Tanker

On-Car Food Tanker

On-Vehicle Food Tanker Prices - Teknik Tanker

  • The food tank is manufactured using TIG/MIG welding from 304L-CRNI stainless 4mm sheet in elliptical section.
  • For the front and rear mirrors, the skirt is curled and 30mm is passed to the body and continuously welded from the inside and outside.
  • There are curved breakwaters in the tank at equal intervals and sufficiently to prevent turbulence.
  • There are enough manhole covers with a diameter of 50cm on it. The manhole cover is sealed and easy to open and close. Breathing holes are placed on the manhole cover.
  • There are 2 1.5" pipes that open into the atmosphere from under the tank so as not to dehydration while the tank is fully loaded.
  • Near the pump there is a transparent level indicator indicating the amount of water.
  • It has a water overflow chamber and there are stairs behind the tank to climb on top of the tank.
  • The chassis is welded to the tank from floor to end. There is a rubber plate between the tanker and the vehicle chassis. Connection ears are made and connected with steel stud screws.
  • The parts that come into contact with the food are made of complete stainless material.

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