6 Tons of Water Tanker

6 Tons of Water Tanker

Water Tanker Usage Areas

  • Transportation and distribution of water
  • Industrial use
  • Road clearing
  • Tunnel cleaning with pressure
  • Fire suppression


Water Tanker Features


  • AISI 304 L is made of 316 L stainless material
  • Single compartment cylindrical or elliptical tank (clean water tank)
  • Two-stage centrifugal water pump (1500 lt/min @ 8-10 bar)
  • Split shaft PTO driven water pump
  • Electric or manual driven water hose reel
  • Front, rear and side pressure water outlets
  • Hill-mounted water monitor (360° rotating water monitor that can throw water 30-40 m away from the 2900 rpm 10 Horse pressure water pump on the tank)
  • Electro pneumatic control panel in the driver's cab
  • High pressure water pump up to 200 bar

The empty weight of the 6-ton water tanker with a loading capacity of 6000 liters is 1500 kg and the loaded weight is 7500 kg. The 6-ton water tanker is among the most used water tanker models.


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