18000 Liter Vacuum Truck

18000 Liter Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks are vehicles used especially for the transportation and disposal of household waste and various wastewater. Vacuum trucks have a fairly large capacity and are often used in large plants or industrial enterprises. Vacuum trucks are transported to waste water treatment plants or special waste disposal facilities, they help in the safe disposal of waste materials without harming the environment.

Vacuum Truck Specifications

  • The tank is produced cylindrically from 6mm ST-37 quality sheet metal.
  • The front and back of the tank are produced with 6mm ST-37 quality sheet metal, 30mm is passed into the tank and welded internally and externally.
  • There are enough 5mm ST-37 quality sheet breakwaters in the tank to prevent flow.
  • The rear of the tank has a 50cm diameter piston-open-close cover.
  • The outer surface of the tank is sandblasted, lined and painted twice.
  • The tank body is reinforced using circle support elements at certain intervals.

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