15 Tons of Water Tanker

15 Tons of Water Tanker

15000 Lt Water Tanker Usage Areas

  • Transportation and distribution of water
  • Industrial use
  • Road clearing
  • Tunnel cleaning with pressure
  • Fire suppression

The 15-ton water tanker with a loading capacity of 15000 liters has an empty weight of 3100 kg and a full weight of 18000 kg. The 15-ton water tanker is among the most used water tanker models. The 15000 liter water tanker is a very useful and long-lasting tanker variety.

Water tanker; it is a type of vehicle with different equipment on and inside. For example, there are several wave breakers in the water tank. Breakwater; prevents loss of balance by preventing water from hitting left and right while the vehicle is on the move. Breakwater is a must-have equipment for a water tank. In addition, water loss is prevented with the air discharge pipe under the water tank.


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