13 Tons Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles

13 Tons Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles

Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles Usage Areas

  • Industrial cleaning,
  • Surface cleaning,
  • Cleaning of rainwater channels,
  • Cleaning of channels with diameters of 150mm to 1200mm.

Combined grooving tools are designed for cleaning operations. Our channeling tools prepared in line with the wishes and desires of our customers have the features to meet all needs. It provides much more efficient, fast, flexible and reliable cleaning.

Our Sewer jetting vehicles sewer cleaning vehicless allow sand, gravel, soil fragments, pet bottles, various metal boxes, solidified oil deposits and septic wastes that cause congestion in the city sewer system to be cleaned with the effect of breaking and pushing high pressure water. With its suction feature, it also ensures that the waste is disposed of from the location. The vacum truck is a specially manufactured tanker for opening clogged septic tank channels.


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