12 Tons of Water Tanker

12 Tons of Water Tanker

Features of 12 Tons of Water Tanker Romörk

  • The number of wheels and axles may vary depending on the tone
  • The number of scissors may vary depending on the tone
  • Hydraulic and mechanical brakes
  • With plug-in electrical system

In addition to the general features, we can offer different configurations for your needs. You can contact the Teknik tanker team so that we can offer the most efficient solution for your needs. We are at your service with our expert staff in the production of trailer tankers.

Two axle water tankers of 12000 liters are also called water tanker trucks. This tanker model is used with high volume especially in fire situations. The water tanker is a very important tool for washing roads with pressurized water, for emergency response in case of fire, for the transfer of water from one region to another.


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