Why Are Water Tankers Cylindrical?

Water tanker tanks, which fall into the category of cylindrical tanks, have a curved surface. This makes it easier to clean the tank and empty the tank than it does in the case of a cube. A water tanker cylinder will have the lowest surface area for a certain volume. This reduces the weight of the tank. Since the cylinders are made of a single layer, there is a less risk of joining and therefore less leakage.

A cylindrical tank is preferred for easier cleaning of the water tanker. In addition, in terms of floor covering, water tankers take up less space because they are cylindrical. In this way, we have a higher carrying capacity and a more efficient vehicle.

Water tankers are a widely used product. Water tankers are used in irrigation, water transportation, clean water transfer, road cleaning and many other areas. Therefore, water tankers must be durable and robust. As the Teknik tanker team, we manufacture the most durable water tanker for you. There is no doubt that we will offer you the best water tankers with competitive prices. We aim to respond to every demand by manufacturing water tankers of different tonnages.

We have different types of tankers and tanker capacities such as 3-ton water tanker, 4-ton water tanker, 5-ton water tanker.

You can check our water tanker page for information about water tanker types and water tanker features.

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