What is an Water Tanker Truck? Where is an Water Tanker Truck used?

An a Water Tanker Truck (French arroseuse) is a motorized vehicle manufactured by placing a water tank and irrigation system on a truck or tractor type vehicle, usually with an irrigation device in front or behind. Water Tanker Truck is used for cleaning roads and squares and for watering the greenery on the roadsides.

What does it do?

Water Tanker Truck is used for cleaning roads and squares and for watering the greenery on the roadsides. It cleans the dirt formed both on the road and on the roadsides by irrigation method. It is also used to prevent dust formation on soil, rough and stabilized roads. It is also used to provide water supply to machines working in building constructions and especially road constructions.

How Many Tons of Water Do Water Tanker Truck Hold?

Water Tanker Truck are known as high-capacity vehicles. These vehicles, which are used especially for water transport, can be produced in volumes ranging from 4,000 liters to 24,000 liters. Since these vehicles are very large, the amount of water they carry is also quite large.

Stainless Steel Water Tanker Truck Manufacturing and Water Tanker Truck Prices

Stainless steel Water Tanker Truck are manufactured from ST-37 or ST-52 sheet steel or optionally 304L/316L 2B stainless steel in accordance with high quality standards. According to customer requirements, the shells can be rounded with a modified ellipse or a modified trapezoid with a radius to provide the desired volume distribution and / or rear visibility. All-terrain vehicle models are produced in the required capacity. For example, as Teknik Tanker, we can produce 3 tons, 5 tons or different tonnages of all terrain vehicles. Land rover prices may vary according to the tonnage produced.

Sample equipments used in the Water Tanker Truck;

Single stage and two stage water pump,

Multi-purpose fire brigade water pump,

Automatic suction water pump with vacuum unit.

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