What is a Food Tanker and What Features Does It Have?

Food tankers are vehicles that play an important role in the transportation of liquid or gaseous, fluid cargoes. With its stainless steel body, K.STL vehicles are IN class ATP certified for the transportation of foods such as fruit juices, oils, milk and liquid dairy products.

K.STL tankers are stainless steel vehicles that offer the best solution in terms of load safety and hygiene standards required in food transportation. IN class ATP certificate is a document that regulates the international transportation of perishable foodstuffs and the special equipment to be used in this transportation.

Why are Tankers Cylinder Shaped? What is the Importance?

When it comes to discharging liquids, the best results are obtained from cylindrical-section reservoirs. Since their structure resembles a funnel, it is easier to drain liquids than other shapes.

The Importance of Tanks Designed in Compliance with Perishable Food Regulation Legislation
Tankers should be designed in accordance with design calculations. Teknik Tanker stainless steel tanks are cylindrical in accordance with the food regulation legislation and have many features that protect the temperature of the food it carries with insulation application.

High Quality and Customer Satisfaction
With our quality after-sales service and maintenance services, we provide instant spare parts supply and quickly produce solutions to our customers' needs. The services we provide are under the guarantee of our company. As Teknik Tanker, we are with you 24/7.

Stainless Steel Tank Manufacturing and Prices
Our pricing system varies according to the type of tanker you need and the materials and equipment used in our tankers. You can get support from our expert engineer staff to determine your needs and expectations for our food tankers and equipment and to find the most suitable tank model for you. For detailed information and pricing, please contact us at +90 212 652 70 70 or

Factors to Consider in Food Tankers for Sale
- It must comply with perishable food regulations and other legislation.

- In second-hand purchases, attention should be paid to the compatibility of spare parts and tanker accessories.

- Stainless steel tankers are among the most important elements to be considered in order to prevent the threat of transported food.

Contact us at our contact addresses to get detailed information about our stainless steel tankers with many assurances and regulations and to serve you in line with your needs.

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