What is a Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles?

The combined sewer cleaning vehicles eliminates gravel, soil, foreign objects and septic waste, especially sand, which frequently causes congestion in sewage systems, and ensures the removal of congestion. The groove opening and cleaning tool has a very strong pressure as a principle of operation and removes congestion by disassembling the aforementioned foreign objects in a short time. When performing this operation; the disintegration feature of high pressure water is used. After cleaning by shredding method, the parts are removed from the area where the blockage is experienced with the suction function. In this way, the problem is solved in a short time.

The combined sewer cleaning vehicles provides the features we mentioned above; superficially, they are tools designed to open blocked channels. Today, the Water and Sewerage Administrations of the provinces, municipalities, ministry of environment and urbanization need these tools.

The combined groove opening and cleaning tool, which is often confused with skittles and is known to many as Sewer jetting Vehicles, is not actually a skittle. Skittles are a different product. The combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles is specially equipped to meet the functions we have given above. What is intended with additions and edits is; it is the elimination of congestion as soon as possible.

Channeling applications that can last for years due to traditional methods in the past; Today, with the combined groove and cleaning tool, it is often completed between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

A water tank is mounted on top of the combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles. In this regard, as Teknik tanker; We carry out all the necessary works for our valued customers in the water tanker sector, which we have been serving for many years, in the highest quality and functional way. If you need a combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles or a skittle tool, another tool that is often mixed; you can find out all the details about this on our contact line +90 (212) 652 70 70.


How to Manufacture a Combined Sewer Cleaning Vehicles?


When manufacturing combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles ; water tank installation is carried out on the vehicle. The capacity of the water tank in question; varies depending on the vehicle to be added. The important thing is that certain standards are set for this; axle and maximum load weight. Tank volumes can start from 1000 liters on average and up to 30,000 liters.

In the process of Sewer jetting Vehicles manufacturing; all pressure balances are evaluated and materials are used to carry these pressure balances. In this way, there is no leakage, explosion, loss of function. In all our vehicles with a lifespan of many years; That's the main reason we offer a 5-year warranty.

Pump flow adjustment is generally set from 100 bar to 250 bar. This again varies according to the capacity of use. All pressure regulators of these vehicles are controlled by mechanical system.

The dimensions of the hose reel placed in the vehicle can be extended unlimitedly according to customer demand. However, at this point, the standards start from 80 meters and extend to 120 meters. It is requested to add hoses up to 200 meters, especially in deep areas.

A hydraulic structure is prepared so that the hose reels can move freely and are not deformed. In this way, it will be much easier to use than normal use. The rollers are in the range of 20–60 meters.

When manufacturing Sewer jetting Vehicles, every detail should be taken into account and these processes should be highly sensitive. At this point, it is also important to remove logar covers. Each vehicle is fitted with a crane to lift the logar covers in question, which can lift weights up to 400 kilograms.

Once all these general features are in place, the tool is now ready for use. All of these features are general features. I mean, they're standards. It may vary depending on customer demand, need, depth of area to use and where.


Sewer Jetting Vehicles Kullanım Alanları Nelerdir?


The combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles can be used in many areas. The main use area is sewage cleaning. But in addition to cleaning sewers; it is also suitable for use in the following areas.

  • Hydrodynamic cleaning of canals and pipelines,
  • Hydrodynamic cleaning of channels created for rainwater,
  • Surface cleaning with high pressure water,
  • Industrial cleaning with high pressure water,
  • Cleaning and evacuation of septic wells,
  • Cleaning and evacuation in waste oil pools,
  • Cleaning and evacuation in filthy water pools, resting pools.

The combined sewer cleaning vehicles usage areas are located above. Carefully manufactured from S235JR material, this vehicle has the capacity to carry more water with its single-compartment cylindrical tank structure; in addition, time is saved in transfers and evacuations.

It is functional enough to provide 1st class service in both surface cleaning and industrial cleaning areas with its 3 piston high pressure pump. The reason why the areas of use are so widespread is that they are manufactured for many areas, not a single area. In fact, when viewed superficially; This vehicle, which is preferred for duct and pipe cleaning, has a usage area far beyond this cleaning.

There are some limitations to the combined sewer cleaning vehicles. These limitations are vehicle selection. Since it is provided by specifications, no other application can be made in any way. Limitations for vehicles are as follows:

  • The combined groove opening vehicle with a volume of 1,000 liters – 9,000 liters must be selected from trucks with a maximum loaded weight of 18 tons.
  • The combined groove opening vehicle with a volume of 9,000 liters – 16,000 liters must have a maximum load of 8 tons more. In other words, trucks with a maximum load of 26 tons or more should be preferred.


What are the features of sewer jetting vehicles tool?


The combined sewer cleaning vehicles can be manufactured from two different materials. These materials are selected by the person. S235JR or S255JR . Since the difference between the two materials is close; you can discuss the details with our company at the contact number we provide above.

The combined sewer cleaning vehicles, which includes both waste and clean water sections, is able to draw wastewater by vacuuming method, while giving clean water in a pressurized way; it breaks down objects that cause congestion.

with its 4-port inter-transmission, the vacuum capacity of the combined groove opening vehicle, which is extremely strong at the point of efficiency, is 90%. In this way; channel opening can be applied at once and in a short time without any additional flights.

  • The back cover is hydraulically driven.
  • It opens directly automatically and easily.
  • Hydraulics are not only for the back cover; it is also located in the lift to lift the tank, on the reel so that the hose can be opened and wrapped, and in the suction boom steering system.

This is standard with the combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles features. Changes in both capacity and proportions can be applied. Since these are the most desired and preferred features for the combined Sewer cleaning Vehicles, which also has many alternative preferences instead of hydraulic systems.

If you need a vehicle with different features; We recommend that you contact our company Teknik Tanker, which has been in the sector for a very long time and has been working with 100% customer satisfaction to date.

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