What Does a Water Tanker Do?

Water tanker; they are large vehicles equipped with superior technology that ensure the safe transportation of water from one place to another. In addition to transporting water from one place to another, the water tanker has many uses.

Water tankers are used in many areas today. It is a frequently used support tool for both road cleaning and controlled management of natural disasters such as fires. For technical details about the water tanker, please visit our water tanker page.

To mention in detail the usage areas of these vehicles, which are among the factors that normalize life, we can list them as follows. Let's examine what the water tanker does and what its uses are.


What are the Water Tanker Usage Areas?


Water Transport
If necessary, these vehicles used for water transportation purposes are also used in the distribution business. This is the main reason for its production. with the large area in it, it is able to carry and distribute tons of water at once.

Water tankers, which take on the task of carrying water, play a major role in the transportation of clean water or irrigation water. The water tanker, where drinking water can also be transported, can also carry water to areas where access to clean water is limited. Healthy water is very easy to transport with water tankers, the interior of which is made entirely of stainless steel.

One of the most used areas of water tanker use is irrigation. Especially the water tanker used for irrigation of plants on the roadsides can irrigate very large areas in a short time with its high water capacity. Water tankers with different capacities such as 3-ton water tankers and 5-ton water tankers are available.

Road and Tunnel Cleaning
It is just one of the tools that we will often see around us, especially in autumn. It cleans the fallen and fallen leaves with the help of water. This vehicle, which we will see frequently not only in autumn but also in all periods of the year, comes up to cool the road in summer. It is often used for cleaning tunnels that are clogged and contaminated.

It also helps to quickly clean the sand accumulated on the road with the help of water when road maintenance is carried out. By using the pump attached to the water tanker itself, it can also properly clean the road and tunnel with the water flowing under the vehicle.

Water Tanker in Fire Response
In recent years, increasing forest fires have greatly increased the need for water tankers. Since water tankers have the capacity to carry a lot of water, they are one of the most important tools that should be used in firefighting activities such as forest fires.

Because the water tanker delivers water to very large areas with the pressurized water pump, it ensures that the fire is tackled quickly. Since it has a cylindrical structure, it is also quite easy to use in tight spaces. For example, it is easy to intervene with a water tanker in a fire in a narrow street.

Water tankers have a single-stage Centrifugal pump. with this pump, the fire is tackled and fast results are obtained. with the breakwater contained in the water tanker, the water in the tanker does not become unstable and protects the tanker from possible tipping hazards. This makes the tanker easier to use.

The water tanker trailer is produced in accordance with TSE norms and is offered to you in accordance with European Standards. The answer to the question of how many tons of water the water tanker receives varies. Water tankers, which can be used up to 40,000 liters, are the most logical way to deliver water to the area where it is needed.


How to Determine Water Tanker Prices?


The irrigation tanker is equipped with various equipment for the purpose of transporting, distributing water, cleaning roads and tunnels with pressurized water or fighting fire, and is produced in different volumes and features in accordance with the capacity and purpose of the carrier vehicle.

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