What are Water Trucks and How It Can Benefit Your Business Operation

Water truck for transporting trailers or shipping materials it differs from other “heavy-duty” trucks used. The typical water truck that houses pumping equipment contains specially designed tanks to store large volumes of liquid. The job of water trucks is to carry water to industrial workplaces and spray water to add moisture to the soil. Water trucks also serve as preventative equipment to increase construction site safety where the risk of fire is common.


We carry out extensive maintenance to keep the rental water tankers in our fleet performing under the most intense working conditions. You can safely rent the water trucks in our inventory for use for a day, a few weeks or longer, depending on your needs.



Water Truck Rental


Renting a water truck from Teknik Tanker can serve many valuable purposes. If you are working on a special outdoor project in hot and dusty environments, water trucks can provide dust suppression that will improve air quality for your workforce. The mining and construction industries are prime examples of industries that could benefit from the water truck application. Water trucks can prepare a surface for steam rollers at a job site by adding moisture to loose soil prior to rolling.


In addition to serving as standby fire suppression units at temporary job sites, water trucks can play a more active role by supplying fire trucks when fighting a large wildfire. Water trucks can wet dry areas as a precautionary measure in fire prone areas. During periods of low rainfall, water trucks can be used to keep trees and vegetation moist. Finally, water trucks; It can help fill tanks and reservoirs that serve as water sources for washing, cement mixing and similar industrial operations.


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