How Many Tons of Liquid Can Food Tankers Hold? What Can They Carry?

Stainless steel tankers serve for the transportation of foods such as fruit juices, oils, milk and liquid dairy products. Known for their high care and care, food tankers also transport your products in a reliable and healthy way.

So how many tons of water do food tanks, which serve for the transportation of liquid foods, take in 1 tanker?

According to their maximum loaded weight; 1st Class tankers: 9-10 tons, 2nd Class: 12-13 tons, 3rd Class: 15,17 tons of water.

What are the Types of Tankers with Unique Designs?
Food tankers are available in single compartment, semi trailer, 3 compartment, on-board and semi-trailer food tankers. Our tankers are supported with armatures against possible tipping situations.

There is no material that will harm your health in the manufacture of our tankers. It is very important which foods the tanks will be designed for. Contact us on +90 212 652 70 70 to determine the tanker you need.

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