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Teknik Tanker

Teknik Tanker, which started to serve with its factory established in Gaziantep in 1977 in the Turkish tanker sector, started to operate in Istanbul in 1989 in order to provide better quality service to its customers and to solve its problems faster.

Teknik Tanker, which is currently operating in Kocasinan Industrial Site, produces with an open area of 300 m², a closed area of 1000 m², a paintworks of 200 m² and a distinguished staff of employees, adopting the principle of total quality understanding.

Teknik Tanker, which aims to continuously progress in the sector by doing refire fighting truck and development studies, is proud to make its mark on the Turkish tanker sector with both price compliance and after-sales services.

The various production services of The Teknik Tanker are listed as follows;

  • Water Tanks and Special Manufacturing Tankers,
  • Stainless Tanker,
  • Water Tanker Trucks,
  • Underground Tanks,
  • Above-Ground Tanks,
  • Sewer Cleaning Vehicless,
  • Vacum Trucks,
  • Food Tankers.
  • 300

    Open Space

  • 1000

    Enclosed Space

  • 200



Teknik Tanker produces with its functional production area and distinguished staff by adopting the principle of complete quality understanding. We are an experienced and knowledgeable company with its rich product diversity and qualified service before and after sales.


Our vision is to build our investments on advanced technologies, knowing the importance of the domestic and foreign market. To be a brand that continues to provide diversity in the options we offer you by constantly improving ourselves, guiding customer needs with our quality products and revealing our difference.

What Do We Do?

As Teknik tankers, we provide services such as tanker sales, leasing, inspection, spare parts, configuration, second hand in accordance with the needs of our customers in Turkey and abroad. Our company, which attaches importance to diversity, attracts attention with its successful and high quality design by choosing quality products.

What Have We Done?

Teknik Tanker, with its factory established in Gaziantep in 1977, continues its gains sustained by continuously improving its activities in Istanbul since 1989 by growing on customer satisfaction and demand.


Maximum Quality and High Customer Satisfaction in Production

Our Production Capacity

As a Teknik tanker family, we are increasing our production power every day with the philosophy of continuous development and development. Together with our distinguished staff, we carry out productions by prioritizing quality understanding. During these productions, we take care to comply with the conditions related to occupational health and safety with our staff.

We increase the diversity of our manufacturing by developing special solutions every day and offer innovative and productivity-based products to the needs in the sector. We are proud to make a mark on the sector with our sales, production and subsequent services.


Quality Documents and Certificates

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